Presentation Format

  1. There are two types of paper accepted in this conference, review paper and research paper.
  2. Best presenter will be awarded in every parallel session. The results will be announced during the closing ceremony
  3. Presenter can refer to the template given, as a guideline during presentation.
  4. The presentation time is 15 minutes, and 5 minutes for open forum session (Q&A).
  5. In general, the presentation flow as given,
    • 1 minute: Self Introduction*
    • 3 minutes: Research Introduction*
    • 4 minutes: Research Design and Methodology*
    • 6 minutes: Research Study, Conclusion and Recommendation*
    • 1 minutes: End Presentation*
    • 5 minutes: Q&A session

*Subject to change according to your preferences.

AICCE’22 – Research Paper Presentation Template

AICCE’22 – SLR Paper Presentaion Template


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