The School of Civil Engineering (PPKA), Universiti Sains Malaysia was established in 1989 and since then PPKA has organized numerous seminars, conferences and short courses. These activities have encouraged and contributed towards the creation of knowledge, innovativeness and exchange of ideas. To date PPKA has sucessfully organized five national level conferences (AWAM’99, AWAM’01, AWAM’04, AWAM’07 and AWAM’09) and three AWAM International Conference on Civil Engineering (AICCE) in collaboration with other collaborating partners which are – Geohazard Information Zonation (GIZ) for the AICCE -GIZ’12, Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) for eco-AICCE’15, Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) for IGNITE- AICCE’17, and another collaboration with CIDB for AICCE’19.

This year, PPKA will be hosting AWAM International Conference in Civil Engineering (AICCE) 2022 in Penang Malaysia on the 15th – 17th February 2022. Following the success of the previous AICCE in 2019, this AICCE’22 will provide another platform for academics and industries internationally for future collaboration opportunities.